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Gemstones Firming Facial
Age-defying treatment for improved skin tone and elasticity. Drawing upon each high quality gemstone’s inherent energy and healing properties, this is a top-notch complexion enhancer. A deeply relaxing therapy that results in tightened pores and naturally radiant skin.

Premium Organic Facial
Organic for Clarity
A clarifying and detoxifying facial service that actively heals blemishes and balance sebum productions. Experience clean pores, reduced black heads and comedones, exfoliation and radiant complexion without harsh ablative treatments.

Organic for Rejuvenation
A dramatic radiance enhancer, this revitalizing facial is packed with anti-oxidants and nutrients that hydrates, firms and tones and stimulates for dermal renewal.

RVB Facial
A “Made-to-Measure” treatment with RVB Multipla system – consists of 12 active fluids from natural substances and formulated for each unique skin type and problems.

Classic Facial 

Clean, clear and healthy skin awaits you after this basic facial!


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